The Gravley Life

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

God Bless You!

Dear Adam,

Thank you for motivating me to resume posting on my blog.

Love - not literally,

Here's a picture from our "Christmas family picture" reel. I'm at liberty to post this particular print because it has no chance of making it into our Christmas card. Can you guess why? That's right. Betsy's not in it. Well done.

Completely unrelated...

I have to get something off my chest -- I'm looking at you,
sneeze. Where do you get off being blessed when your aspiratory kin need to be excused? You don't deserve God's blessing or mine. You're not that special. The best you'll get from me from now on is that I'll excuse you. That's it. Your day in the sun is over for me. I hope you had fun.