The Gravley Life

Monday, April 30, 2007

Healthy Helping of James Pictures

Hello people. Spring is in full swing. James is great. Life is good. Here are some pictures.

James was playing with blocks last night, and Bets and I were amazed at how high he could stack them! I was going to wait until he was 3 to introduce him to Tetris, the gateway drug into gaming, but I might be able to bump that up to 2.5 now.

I enjoyed getting this falling down action shot. In case you're trying to read the shirt, it says " I do all my own stunts." It was a gift from Terri and Aaron.

James is enjoying his first "shower". He seems to like it. We're training together for the sprinklers at the water parks in the summer.

This was taken March 3rd after we got that last big snow of the winter. He was helping me shovel. Wait, no he wasn't. He was goofing off as usual. Why should he get the credit...

My hat on me: warm, but no effect. My hat on James: funny as heck.

Bets was brave and let James have a cone. He actually did pretty well with it.